Myndi’s BEST OF: Brad Pitt


A few weeks ago when I interviewed Diana Murdock, she mentioned that she’d like to be a fly on the wall at Brad Pitt’s place…for obvious, non-PG-13 reasons. She then named her favorite Brad Pitt movie as Troy.

Then someone in the comments section said their favorite Brad Pitt movie was Legends of the Fall.

Can I be honest here? I’m not all that familiar with Brad Pitt’s work. I mean, I’ve seen some – Fight Club, Troy, Meet Joe Black – but after looking at his filmography on IMDb, I realized I haven’t even scratched the surface. And since I’ve got a house full of kids who need attention and three books I’m writing and a stack of books I’m reading that’s taller than the house and oh, yeah, the house, it needs cleaning…


the chance of seeing most of these movies is slim to none.

That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate Mr. Pitt’s work, though – it’s pretty much universally acknowledged that the boy can act, and looks? Well, come on, right? A woman’s blood would pretty much have to be running cold to not appreciate this guy’s exterior.

I wanna know – how do you prefer to take your dose of Brad Pitt? What’s your version of his BEST OF?

As Tyler Durden in Fight Club?

Or as Billy Beane in Moneyball?

How about Rusty Ryan in Ocean’s Eleven?

Or do you have a thing for guys who do the opposite of aging, like Benjamin Button?

Perhaps Achilles?

Or Joe Black?

Or how about Jeffrey Goines in Twelve Monkeys?

Maybe Tristan Ludlow in Legends of the fall (who, by the way, is channeling some serious Rein Torvald in this last gif)?

Or do you prefer Mr. Pitt in a movie I haven’t listed here? Discuss amongst yourselves. I want to know the when/where/how/why!


Myndi Talks To...91hG7iHjg6L._SL1500_MYNDI: Today I’m tickled to introduce you to Diana Murdock, author of Souled. She’s agreed to answer some questions over a cuppa, so let’s dive right in!

Tell us – what word best describes you in each of these categories? CARS, BARS, and SCARS.


DIANA: I had to think about these for awhile. CARS: Fast. BARS: Loud. SCARS: Many.

MYNDI: Holy wow, I’m totally impressed – most writers find one-word answers impossible (including me). Incidentally, my answers would be similar (though longer) with the exception of cars. I like ‘em slow. Yes, I’m the grandma-esque driver folks love to hate.

Moving on…

If you could be a fly on anybody’s wall – living or not – whose would it be, and why?

DIANA: Well, Brad Pitt comes to mind for obvious reasons…but, for a PG-13 response it would have to be Lady Diana. She was such a multi-layered person, and I could only imagine the different issues she had to overcome with her upbringing and marriage into the royal family, and the benefits/repercussions that came with all of that. She was an amazing and generous person. I’d love to have seen her up close and personal.

MYNDI: Agreed – Lady Diana was such a fascinating person. She always came across as such a gentle, genuine soul.

Your picks here have me curious – are these the kind of individuals who your characters tend to evolve around? Do you ‘build’ your characters in your mind, or do they pop into your psyche ready-made?

(Also, what’s your pick for best Brad Pitt flick?)

DIANA: Brad Pitt flick? Troy.

My characters are ready-made. Sometimes I think they are one way, but eventually their actions throughout the story reveal their true nature. I can tell if I’m on track when it resonates inside my heart.

MYNDI: *grin* Troy is a great flick, and reinforces the widely-held belief that Mr. Pitt has NO BAD ANGLE.

So, if your characters come to you ready-made, how do you discover them? What triggers the story for you?

DIANA: Most of my triggers come from conversations or observations where I think, “Well, what if this happened to me?” How would the character handle it? I tend to be a bit of a Sybil-type of person. I go from one end of the spectrum to another, to blend in with the situation, so I draw off that. The paranormal/metaphysics world has so many dimensions to it, there’s always a good story somewhere.

MYNDI: Absolutely – stories hide in every nook and cranny of life…and when you add the paranormal twist, anything can happen!

On the ‘anything-can-happen’ note, would you be willing to share with us your most embarrassing (and funny) moment?

DIANA: You know, I can’t come up with anything! Not that something hasn’t happened…I just can’t remember anything. Maybe I’ve blocked it.

MYNDI: *giggle, snort* I wish I I could block my embarrassing memories. Lucky duck.

How about your characters? Do you enjoy putting them in embarrassing situations, or do you resist the temptation?

DIANA: So far the story lines haven’t needed to go in that direction, but I’m thinking I may have to give it a try in another book I’ve got brewing in my head…hmm…

MYNDI: Mmmm…brewing, brew…

Favorite brewed drink?

DIANA: I’ve been experimenting with brewing my own mix of tea. So far, my favorite is equal parts Yerba mate, gingko, and peppermint. Perfect for winter.

MYNDI: Yummo! I love a good cup of tea. And it’s kinda the perfect subject for my last question. Well, not so much a question as it is a task, for you.

Please write a haiku on the subject of tea.

DIANA: Okay, this took some thought. I think an entire novel is easier to write than a haiku! Here it is:


Steaming warmth inside my cup.

Crushed leaves come to life.

MYNDI: Love it, Diana. Haiku or novel, either way, you’ve chosen a good profession for yourself. Thanks for popping in!

DIANA: Thanks for having me, Myndi! This was fun!


img_0249-smldwnlodIf you want to know more about Diana, go check out her blog. And if you’d like to pick up her book, Souled, click here!