SHRILUGH Launch Party

Last Saturday about thirty friends joined us at Cocoa Dolce in Wichita to celebrate Shrilugh‘s first month out. It was so much fun – catching up with old friends, making some new ones, signing a few books (*gasp* I had NO IDEA that writer’s block was possible for that), drinking coffee, enjoying artisan chocolate. I totally meant to be snapping pictures along the way – I wanted tons to share with you guys…but I forgot. Thankfully some of you took a few and sent them to me – thanks a bunch!!

It was a good day. Lookit.

Alice Took oversaw the set-up process. 🙂

Presents!! Who knew there would be PRESENTS??

A few friendlies stopping for a quick pic.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out – it was a good morning!

Big love,


MAKING IT HAPPEN: No such thing as ‘going it alone’.

I’m an independent author. Basically that means I’ve chosen to publish my book in a non-traditional manner. No agent, no publishing house, no fancy cover designers, no marketing guru plotting my eminent take-over of the literary world.

But it doesn’t mean I’m going at this alone (or that I don’t have plans to take over the world). No-sir-ee-Bob.

From the fabulous people over at WANAtribe, to my special #WANA1011 pals, to my beta-readers and editors, and most especially, YOU, the reader…

well, there’s lots of people on this train ride.

And that’s a good thing. ‘Cause without y’all this wouldn’t be near as much fun. And also, I’d be out of a job.

Since Shrilugh is a new book, published by a new author, right now it’s pretty much invisible. There is a huge sea of independently published books out there. The only way for an indie book to make a splash is (a) for people to read it, (b) for those people then to talk about it and (c) get other people to read it. Then repeat that process, like a gazillion times.

Those that ask not, have not.

I’m asking for a little help. If you’ve read Shrilugh and liked it, I’d love it if you did a couple things:

(1) Talk about it. To your friendlies, your book clubs. Start a discussion group on Goodreads, get a tattoo of a Shrilugh tree and use it as a conversation starter… Word of mouth is an indie author’s best friend.

(2) Rate it, Review it. Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, and Goodreads all have ways to rate a book, review it, or both. The more reviews a book has – especially good ones – the more likely a new reader will be willing to purchase and read themselves. On Amazon, you can also ‘like’ a book, and add tags.

(3) Tweet, or talk about it on Facebook. Sometimes this one makes folks feel nervous ’cause they’re not sure what to say. Here are a couple of short blurbies. Feel free to copy and paste willy-nilly:

For Twitter:

#shrilugh by @myndishafer is a fantastic read! Check it out: #YA #indiebooks

Dig #YAfantasy, #adventure, #romance? Read #shrilugh by @myndishafer!

For Facebook:

Looking for something new to read? Dig YA fantasy? Try SHRILUGH. Available at Amazon, Smashwords, or iTunes.

Myndi Shafer’s SHRILUGH is a fantastic read! Check it out at Amazon, Smashwords, or iTunes.

Need a new book-escape? Pick up SHRILUGH. Adventure, romance, glowing trees… Find it at Amazon, Smashwords, or iTunes.

Easy-peasy, right?

Here’s the thing – I love giving crap away. So if you’ll help me out by jibber-jabbering about Shrilugh, rating it or reviewing it, Tweeting it, or updating your FB status, I’ll put your name into a drawing for a free paperback copy of Shrilugh and a box of chocolates from Cocoa Dolce. CHOCOLATE, people. Fine, handmade artisan chocolate.


Just let me know in the comments how you spread the Shrilugh love, and I’ll make sure your name gets put in the contest. The more ways you share the love, the more times your name will be entered (unless you get the Shrilugh Tree tattoo, in which case, screw the contest. I’ll make sure you get the book, a box of chocolates, and a bottle of aspirin to help ease the pain). I’ll announce the winner on the 15th, along with the winner of the WHERE ARE YOU READING SHRILUGH? contest…which, if you haven’t already entered, you should! 🙂

Finally, I’d like to point you in the direction of the Pinterest board for The Darkening. I’m having a lot of fun working on Shrilugh’s sequel, and hope you enjoy seeing (and speculating about) these images!

Big grins,