I went into last week burnt out.

So I took the week off.  It was lovely.

Want to know what I did?

I held my baby.  A lot.

I played with my kids.  A lot.

I smoked a cigar with the Hubster under the stars.  The conversation was stellar.

I took a couple naps.

I went shopping.

I had lunch with my dad.

I saw a movie.  And had coffee with friends.

I painted my fingernails.

I read a few books.

It was a good week.

Next week we’ll dive into another underwear drawer.  I’m not sure whose.  Do you want a peek of the Good Guy’s secret stash of personal stuff, or the Bad Guy’s?  Or maybe the Bad Girl?  Vote below and let me know!

p.s.  I’ve got a phobia of libraries.  Find out why here.