Myndi Talks To...91hG7iHjg6L._SL1500_MYNDI: Today I’m tickled to introduce you to Diana Murdock, author of Souled. She’s agreed to answer some questions over a cuppa, so let’s dive right in!

Tell us – what word best describes you in each of these categories? CARS, BARS, and SCARS.


DIANA: I had to think about these for awhile. CARS: Fast. BARS: Loud. SCARS: Many.

MYNDI: Holy wow, I’m totally impressed – most writers find one-word answers impossible (including me). Incidentally, my answers would be similar (though longer) with the exception of cars. I like ‘em slow. Yes, I’m the grandma-esque driver folks love to hate.

Moving on…

If you could be a fly on anybody’s wall – living or not – whose would it be, and why?

DIANA: Well, Brad Pitt comes to mind for obvious reasons…but, for a PG-13 response it would have to be Lady Diana. She was such a multi-layered person, and I could only imagine the different issues she had to overcome with her upbringing and marriage into the royal family, and the benefits/repercussions that came with all of that. She was an amazing and generous person. I’d love to have seen her up close and personal.

MYNDI: Agreed – Lady Diana was such a fascinating person. She always came across as such a gentle, genuine soul.

Your picks here have me curious – are these the kind of individuals who your characters tend to evolve around? Do you ‘build’ your characters in your mind, or do they pop into your psyche ready-made?

(Also, what’s your pick for best Brad Pitt flick?)

DIANA: Brad Pitt flick? Troy.

My characters are ready-made. Sometimes I think they are one way, but eventually their actions throughout the story reveal their true nature. I can tell if I’m on track when it resonates inside my heart.

MYNDI: *grin* Troy is a great flick, and reinforces the widely-held belief that Mr. Pitt has NO BAD ANGLE.

So, if your characters come to you ready-made, how do you discover them? What triggers the story for you?

DIANA: Most of my triggers come from conversations or observations where I think, “Well, what if this happened to me?” How would the character handle it? I tend to be a bit of a Sybil-type of person. I go from one end of the spectrum to another, to blend in with the situation, so I draw off that. The paranormal/metaphysics world has so many dimensions to it, there’s always a good story somewhere.

MYNDI: Absolutely – stories hide in every nook and cranny of life…and when you add the paranormal twist, anything can happen!

On the ‘anything-can-happen’ note, would you be willing to share with us your most embarrassing (and funny) moment?

DIANA: You know, I can’t come up with anything! Not that something hasn’t happened…I just can’t remember anything. Maybe I’ve blocked it.

MYNDI: *giggle, snort* I wish I I could block my embarrassing memories. Lucky duck.

How about your characters? Do you enjoy putting them in embarrassing situations, or do you resist the temptation?

DIANA: So far the story lines haven’t needed to go in that direction, but I’m thinking I may have to give it a try in another book I’ve got brewing in my head…hmm…

MYNDI: Mmmm…brewing, brew…

Favorite brewed drink?

DIANA: I’ve been experimenting with brewing my own mix of tea. So far, my favorite is equal parts Yerba mate, gingko, and peppermint. Perfect for winter.

MYNDI: Yummo! I love a good cup of tea. And it’s kinda the perfect subject for my last question. Well, not so much a question as it is a task, for you.

Please write a haiku on the subject of tea.

DIANA: Okay, this took some thought. I think an entire novel is easier to write than a haiku! Here it is:


Steaming warmth inside my cup.

Crushed leaves come to life.

MYNDI: Love it, Diana. Haiku or novel, either way, you’ve chosen a good profession for yourself. Thanks for popping in!

DIANA: Thanks for having me, Myndi! This was fun!


img_0249-smldwnlodIf you want to know more about Diana, go check out her blog. And if you’d like to pick up her book, Souled, click here!