Das Bug

The stomach flu. Say it with me:


#thriftythursday is nada this week because of this nasty little bug. I was SO stoked about Third Thursday #thriftaton, too! Oh, well – there’s always next month. If you were planning on getting your thrift on tonight, I hope you’ll still post with the #thriftathon hashtag! Otherwise, we’ll use the next thirty days or so to get super-pumped about next month’s outing.


Next week is Christmas. Can you even believe it? HOPEFULLY everybody in my house will be well before the weekend hits, with all the family parties and fun! 99% of my shopping is done, and almost all of the gifts have been wrapped, which means it’s perfectly acceptable for me to go curl into a ball on my bed and whimper while my tummy makes sounds no tummy should ever make.

Wishing you a healthy Thursday,


p.s. If you have any thrifting finds from this past week, post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #thriftythursday! Seeing your bargains will make me feel better. Kinda like laughter – bargains are good medicine. *grin*


MAKING IT HAPPEN: I Should Probably Go Upstairs to Work

It’s Sunday afternoon and I need to work…

but I don’t wanna.

The Hubster’s sitting next to me on the couch whispering tip-tap-tippy-tap-tap-tiperoo in a valiant effort to annoy me into not working.

I should probably go upstairs.

SweetZ’s trying to get me to play pool with her on the iPad.  She’s dressed up as Princess Aurora today, resplendent in pink heels and bedazzled flowers.

I should probably go upstairs.

The boys are whooping it up in the other room playing old-school Mario Brothers.  Their fun is loud and hardy and magnetic.  I want to go to there.

I should probably go upstairs.  I’m never going to get anything done down here.

Little Miss Took is swinging in her swing, babbling sweetly while she inspects the two new magical things she’s discovered – her hands.  She has the hiccups.  ERHMAHGHERD.  Baby hiccups.  How can I not toss the laptop on the floor and cuddle her right now?

Need to go upstairs, pronto, or none of stuff I have on my list will get done.

Here I go.  Watch me.  I’m going.

*squinches nose*  *looks at baby*  *looks at daughter*  *looks at Hubster*  *listens to boys in the other room*

Screw it.  Ima gonna have fun instead.

While I’m having fun, you need to vote on whose underwear drawer you want to peek in next week:  boy next door, other-worldly stranger, or little old lady?