ROW80: Check in, Week 01

This week has gone well.  Very well.

All too well.

*cue low, creepy music*  *eyes dart to and fro suspiciously*  *paranoia perches itself on shoulder, hisses softly in my ear*

Seriously, I couldn’t be happier about how this week went, and I’m feeling upbeat and optimistic about the coming one.  In terms of my goals, here’s what I’m looking at:

*30 minutes of prepped writing a day*  This went fabulously well.  I’m finding that those thirty minutes are serving to be the ‘test mile’ Kait Nolan blogged about last week – most days I stretched those thirty minutes into an hour or more of dedicated writing time because once I got into the groove, I just kept going as long as my responsibilities would allow.  It was fabulous.  I met this goal (or exceeded it) every day this week.  The temptation is there to revamp this goal, and make the goal time something longer, but I’m going to hold off for a couple of weeks to make sure I can keep up this pace.  Prepping is really easy right now – I’m in editing mode on my WIP, so there’s really no planning or research involved at this stage.  I’m really, really hopeful I’ll be ready to have some beta-readers look at this draft before offspring #4 shows up.  We shall see!

*Baby steps toward moving every day*  This has also gone well – I’ve nailed those initial 5 minutes, plus some, every single day – except one.  Friday was brutal…the night before Shafer #4 had her own little all-night rave in my belly – so much so that it woke the hubster up.  There was no sleeping for me Friday night, so I made up for it during the day.  Which meant exercise went out the window.  The cool thing about those 5 minutes is that they’re like a little ‘test mile’, too.  Once I get moving, it feels great, and I want to keep going.  I’m also taking part in Ginger Calem’s #writersbutt – I highly recommend you check it out!  Ginger’s fab, and fun, and really knows her stuff…even if she has us doing potty squats.  Message her on Twitter to find out what that is.

*Doing something good for myself once a week*  This one is the hardest of them all – it’s easy to get caught up in mommy-mode and leave myself (or any little luxuries for myself) in the dust.  But I’m determined!  This week I think I did great – I treated myself to new much-needed bedding (oh my goodness, our old comforter was bona-fide scary).  I felt so guilty walking out of the store with giant bundles of linens under my arms, but now that it’s home, and on the bed, and oh-so-pretty, I’m good with it.

*Read, every day*  And I have!  It’s always in small chunks – these days it’s pretty hard to find the time to curl up and utterly lose myself in words, but I’ve managed to scrimp a few minutes here and there together every day.  I’m hopeful that in the next few weeks I’ll feel comfortable enough to set an actual time target for this goal!

So, yeah.  Feeling pretty good about it right now.  Thanks for stopping by, ROW80 lovelies!  Hope your week was a success as well!