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“As an avid reader, I have a short list of authors whom I can always depend on to write a captivating tale, allowing me an escape from everyday life. After reading Book One of the Shrilugh series, I am convinced that Myndi Shafer deserves a spot on my short list.”

“I didn’t want to put the book down. Definitely a page turner.”

“Very impressed! I couldn’t put it down as I got swept into the Aydan and Brig’s relationship and then was equally captured by Rein and his complexities.”

“At first I wanted to say if you love Twilight, you’ll love this. The problem is, this is so much better written! No offense to Stephanie Meyer (seriously, I did read all the Twilight series so I can hardly say they were horrible), but I enjoyed this story a lot more because it is beautifully told and well written, and the teen angst made sense to me where it didn’t in Twilight.”

“I love a book that takes me down an emotional roller coaster and this book does just that.”

“So so good. I was dying at the end of the first book. The anticipation for this book was killer.”

“My fingers curled into that moss covering the floor of Orchos’ Wood, I tumbled through the curved tree-branch of the door that marks the entry to this other world, and I saw the golden glow of the Shrilugh trees…The Darkening is a great escape of fantasy, adventure, and above all LOVE.”

“What a wonderful and enchanting story! Loved every word!!!”

“The plot really moves. It was necessary for me to put the book down at times just to let my intellect and emotions catch up! If the characters are in too tight of a spot, Shafer employs the old Greek ‘Deus Ex Machina’ to get her characters to a safer place. It cleverly manipulates us and keeps our hearts and minds right in the story at all times.”

“Filled with hope, new beginnings, danger, intrigue, surprise twists, and much more, it leaves the reader eagerly awaiting Book 3.”


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