Heineken: Commercial Perfection

I love good commercials. For a girl with a short attention span, commercials are like fried heaven on a stick. I especially love good commercials that feature good music.

Check out ‘The Entrance’ by Heineken. Clever, funny, and visually engaging, this commercial has me hooked from the get-go. Add in a little tune by the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and you’ve got gold, Jerry! Gold.

What are your favorite song/commercial combos? Fave commercials in general? (And please, for the love of Pete and his pet raccoon, tell me that I’m not the only one who cries over the commercial for Google where the dad creates an email account for his daughter, sending her emails all the years she’s growing up, waiting for the day she can finally read and understand how much he loves her. Uh-oh. Pregnancy hormones coming on. The weeping is starting. The hubster is throwing me cautious glances. This parenthesis has gone on waaaay too long.)

Commence with the commenting!

(Hey, ps. If you like Asteroids Galaxy Tour, do something about it! Good music is meant to be shared! Tell your friends, buy their albums, go see ’em live. Support the arts and the artists you love!)


14 thoughts on “Heineken: Commercial Perfection

  1. Melinda VanLone says:

    I love commercials too! I thought I was the only one. I’m still liking the little Darth Vadar one from last super bowl. And lately the one that cracks me up is the baby for etrade. The one when he’s in a time out in the crib for riding the dog like it’s a horse. “Oh I see, solitary. Just a man and his thoughts. And a smart phone” LOL.

  2. Roya Ghorbani says:

    Oh my god!
    First off, love your blog! Let’s be blog friends?

    Second, haven’t seen this commercial, but now I want to send it to all my friends. It’s hilarious! Whoever thought of the idea is a genius! The song is awesome too, need to check them out.

    Third, I too cry my eyes out every time I see the Google commercial. It’s gotten to the point that my boyfriend immediately changes the channel so he doesn’t have to listen to me whimper about how precious it was.

    Great post!

  3. asraidevin says:

    I love the music on this commercial. Last winter, Telus (phone company) played a commercial with the song Team Waterpolo – Letting Go that my son absolutely loved. No matter what he was doing when that commercial came on, he stopped what he was doing to watch. And it was on a lot during hockey games.

  4. lizjasper says:

    Fun post! My favorite commercial might be that old Staples commercial where the robot store assistant doesn’t want to part with the printer it has fallen in love with. It always made me chuckle, no matter how many times I saw it.

  5. Debra Kristi says:

    Morning! Love that commercial! Commercials can be so clever. I have not seen the google one. The problem with having a dvr. I fast forward through everything. lol I will have to google it. Hehe.

    Love the skoda add too! My church used to have a water glass chorus. They were fab. Well they probably still do. I just moved. 🙂

    I cry at commercials and television shows. I can be really bad sometimes. It could be hormonal. Maybe just good marketing. 😀

  6. alicamckennajohnson says:

    I love good commercials! When I was pregnant the first time it was over fathers day- I cried at every commercial where a kid gave their dad a fathers day gift- even the stupid razors. The second time it was Christmas and the same thing happened.

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