As I’ve said before, the weekend is really the start of my work-week.  I get most of my writing – and the chore of blogging – done Friday through Monday.  Here’s what happened.

Friday:  Pinched a nerve in my back.  RIDONKY.

Saturday:  Started editing the second book in the series I’m working on.  RIDONKY.  Thought I’d jump off the deep-end into the world.  RIDONKY.  Quickly pulled myself out of the water, remembering I don’t know how to swim.  RIDONKY.  Discovered that my local library isn’t quiet inside.  In fact, it’s RIDONKY loud.  I’m still kind-of weirded out by that.

Sunday:  Realized I have four blog posts to write for this week.  RIDONKY.  Started on the 6th DARK TOWER novel instead.  So frigging RIDONKY (in a good way).  Mr. Stephen King, if you’ve stumbled upon Blogging Barefoot (*snickers at the likelihood of that*), I have to tell you, you’re the bomb-diggity.  For reals.  RIDONKY reals.

Today:  Who knows?  It’s Sunday when I’m writing this, and I’m no fortune-teller.  Chances are, no matter how much I get done, I’ll end the day feeling like it wasn’t enough.  That’s kinda how I roll.  It’s hard for me ever feel like I’ve accomplished enough in a day, even if everything on my list gets crossed off.  Say it with me now….R I D O N K Y.

I’m having an inward chuckle about the second book in the SHRILUGH series.  I haven’t touched this MS in a little over two years.  It’s been a bit of a history lesson in the life of Writer Myndi.  Guys, I gotta tell ya, while there’s definitely a story there, the writing is so terrible, it has me laughing and crying all at once.  I’ve definitely got some hard work ahead to make it worth a darn.  The Hubster keeps telling me that I can cut myself a break – SHRILUGH and the books that follow are the first I’ve ever written.  They’re not going to be perfect, and that’s okay.  I keep telling myself that, hoping it will stick.

They’re not going to be perfect, and that’s okay.

Not sticking yet.  *whispers*  RI-DONNNNN-KY.

Last week I promised you another look in one of my character’s underwear drawer, and had you vote on whose you’d like to see.  You naughty little kittens chose ‘Bad Guy’.  I had a couple villains to choose from, but I went with the man named Lenox Fulbert.  His underwear take up residence in a long dresser along the east wall of his bedroom.  Top middle drawer.  It opens easily and is impeccably neat inside.  He’s a whitey-tighties guy, and his housekeeper keeps ’em folded in thirds and rolled tightly, like albino Swiss Rolls no one would ever want to eat.  Underneath these is an unframed photograph of a pretty dark haired woman in her early twenties.  His late wife.  In her arms is an infant who has an unreasonable amount of dark, curly hair on her head.  His beloved daughter, Calista.  A loaded pistol lays on top of the photograph.  Tucked between the side of the drawer and the pistol is an aging envelope with an aging letter inside.  It’s from his grandfather, telling him in the shaky handwriting of an old pissed-off man that he’ll never amount to anything.  That he’s a waste of the air he breathes, worth less than urine he dribbles out what he’s sure is a sorry excuse for a cock.  Lenox reads it over a glass of Macallan every year on the anniversary of the old bastards death, toasting the fact that he was wrong.  Not to mention dead.  Cancer saw to that.  He’d toast the cancer, too, if it hadn’t taken his wife.  Next to the photograph and the gun is a small stash of porn.  On top of that are two little black boxes.  In one is his wedding ring.  In the other is his wife’s.

That’s his drawer.  I hope you’re not disappointed – no minions or scribbled down plots to take over the world.  Lenox Fulbert is a pretty normal guy, save for the fact that he’s cruel and losing his mind.

Whelp, that’s it for Monday, folks.  I hope your week is RIDONKY good.

Giggles and grins,


p.s.  Check out my Pinterest boards SHRILUGH, and SHRILUGH, AS YOU SEE IT if you’re interested.  The second board is all images my beta-readers have posted, which makes it pretty special, I think.  Hey, and BETA’s, there’s no Lenox Fulbert on the board…I’m interested in what you think he looks like!


14 thoughts on “MAKING IT HAPPEN: Ridonky

  1. Gloria Richard Author says:

    KA-SHNORT on Ridonky!

    I love the way you roll with the nit-gnats called Life.

    I haven’t visited in a while. Blame the whip I’m giving my WIP.

    I totally relate to revisiting one of your writing babies years later. I read my first two novels now and think, “Really? I really thought those were ready to query? Ridonky!”

    Thank goodness I took time off from blathering aimlessly (and unfiltered) from brain to keyboard, and studied the craft of writing.

    I know you’ll have a great week. How? Because you’ll make it one.

  2. Jennifer Lewis Oliver says:

    I love looking into your characters’ underwear drawers. (You know, that really didn’t sound so weird and stalker-ish in my head, but now that I type it…)
    Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of what we need to do? Ah, but you roll with the punches and that’s what its all about. I never get as much accomplished as what my mind thinks I should. But hey, I do what I can when I can. As long as I keep plugging along, eventually I’ll get there. 🙂

    In my opinion, if your books are as good as your blog here – I don’t think you’ll have any trouble!

  3. gingercalem says:

    I’m another under-achieving over-achiever. Can we start a club? We’ll need a handshake, logo, newsletter, weekly meetings that will happen only once a month, or never … we should elect officers … ooh, we’ll need t-shirts! We can dream this as big as we want because, well, you know why! *huge grin*

    LOVE the peek under the whitey-tighties. Awesome!

  4. August McLaughlin says:

    Like the wise guru rocker John Lennon once said, if you’re having fun wasting time, it wasn’t wasted. Plus, it gives you the opp. to say cool words like RIDONKY! Ever-so-you post, Myndi. (That’s a big ‘ol compliment.)

  5. Rachel Funk Heller says:

    Mynster!!! having had the great pleasure of reading book one of “Shrilugh” I do believe Lenox’s underwear drawer is spot on…. And I can’t wait to read Book Two, so get those mitts busy…. as if you aren’t already. But I am curious, what exactly is a Ridonky, does the word have an official definition or did you just dream it up? Great post!

  6. Karen McFarland says:

    I always admire how much you do get done Myndi! I don’t know what you’re talking about girl. Although I do know what’s it’s like to look at your work after letting it sit for a while. Laugh at yourself is right. LOL! I’m hoping that’s because we’ve made so much improvement in our writing since we wrote that crappy stuff. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

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