What YOU Are Saying.


Every now and then I’ll get notes and messages from readers, along with reviews, and I have to say (Trolls and Snark-@sses aside), they totally make me Stupid Happy Giddy. Things like,

“Amazing. A female author who can write real male characters. Not just testosterone muscle heads.” 


“…had me turning pages almost faster than I could read them!” 

make me look like this:

And when y’all blast me with stuff like,

“…I would like to call in sick to work and just curl up and finish it.”


“[The Shrilugh Saga books are] on my list of all-time favorite reads ever!”

I do things like this:

(Apparently I relate to dudes with facial hair when I’m feeling happy? Geeze, I could really blow some cash on a therapist over that…)

Anyway, thank you. Like, lots. It’s stuff like this that keeps me going when sales slow down and I wonder if perhaps I made a piss-poor decision for a career. Stuff like this is what makes pushing through those totally uninspired days and writing anyway worth it. Stuff like this is what makes the highs Neon-Freaking-Tastic! and the lows, well, bearable.

*sniff, sniff* Bring it on in for a hug. Ah, yes. That’s good stuff.

I love you guys!



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