IndieReCon Best Indie Novel Nominee


UPDATE: The links below have been fixed. Sorry for any confusion!

I’m so pleased and humbled and generally freaking out about this. When I opened my inbox yesterday, this little message was waiting for me:

“I am writing to inform you your novel has been nominated for the IndieReCon Best Indie Novel Award!”

I have typed and re-typed and re-typed about a hundred sentences to try and convey how excited I am this, but nothing’s coming out right. Basically, I’m shocked. HH1+2 is a baby, barely out of the gate. Whoever got ahold of IRC and nominated it, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

This award is reader-driven, meaning YOU decide who wins. Click the link and vote for the book you love (Ellie Ann’sĀ The Silver SickleĀ is a nominee in the Children’s category, too – really fantastic YA steampunk reading. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and pick it up). Voting is open from NOW until 7pm on the 27th.

Click here to vote.Ā 

As always, all the love that I can spare (which is a lot, ’cause I’ve got it in spades),



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