Fashion + Passion: Help Fight Pediatric Brain Cancer



Kylie Bowllitt, from Styling with Kylie

One of the things I LOVE about Social Media is how it has the power to connect us with people we otherwise would have next to no chance of ever knowing. 

For me, Kylie Bowllitt is one of those people. We connected through a mutual friend, exchanged a few words back and forth, and before I knew it she was hanging out of my blog. The last time she was here it was for a good cause, and guess what? Today’s no different.

Kylie is producing the Roots Fashion Show – a night out of fashion, food, music, and entertainment that will highlight small-town Nebraska show-stoppers, while creating awareness and raising funds for the Team Jack Foundation. She’s agreed to hang out for awhile, and answer a few questions.

MYNDI: Tell me about Team Jack.

KYLIE: The Team Jack Foundation is near and dear to every Nebraskan’s heart. Jack Hoffman is a little boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer. He’s from Atkinson, NE – only twenty miles from my hometown, which really hits home for me. He’s been through so much, and his family has chosen to use this trial to help fight pediatric brain cancer. The primary goal of The Team Jack Foundation is to raise money for research that will improve survival rates from this horrible disease.

Jack stole many hearts – including mine – when he was ushered into the Husker’s stadium in the spring game last year. He came onto the field as one of the team and when he scored his touchdown there wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium. It was a beautiful and touching moment that none of us will forget.

MYNDI: So donating the proceeds from the Roots Fashion Show to Team Jack holds a lot of emotional significance to a lot of people?

KYLIE:  Yes. I think in a way he’s helped unify so many of us – helped us realize that each day should be cherished no matter the circumstances. That you need to keep moving forward. Pediatric brain cancer is so devastating, but he and his family have been so inspirational. Anything I could do to help them, I would never hesitate.

MYNDI: Tell me a little more about the fashion show.

KYLIE: It’s a formal night of fashion and entertainment. All entertainment, showcases, volunteers, sponsors, and talent for the Roots Fashion Show derives from Nebraska. Alumni of the area will return home to show off their talents that have put Nebraska on the map.

MYNDI: What has been your favorite part of producing the show?

KYLIE: Honestly? Every single part. I’ve enjoyed the process so much and can’t wait to start planning another. It’s difficult, but when you pair it with a cause like Team Jack, it brings life to the event. Something about that makes you work harder, because you want the result to be extraordinary.



Roots Fashion Show

May 10, 2014 @ the O’Neil Community Center

O’Neil Nebraska

Cocktail hour @ 7p

Showtime @ 8p

Purchase tickets here or call KBRX (402)336.1211

All proceeds from ticket sales and any live donations on site at the show will be donated to the Team Jack Foundation.

If you would like to donate to the Team Jack Foundation, click here.

If you’re a Nebraska-born artist, designer, writer, or vendor, and would like a booth at the Roots Fashion Show, click here.




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