Quick Giggle: Insert Solo Here

A couple weeks ago, the hubster and I watched Spinal Tap.  Oh, my goodness.  Perfectly ridiculous and uncomfortably funny…it was a good watch.  Their music video The Majesty of Rock is just like a little mini-version: perfectly ridiculous, and uncomfortably funny.  I mean, just check out these lyrics: The Majesty of Rock, the Mystery of Roll, the darning of the sock, the scoring of the goal, the farmer takes a wife, the barber takes a pole…


But as much as I dig his character in Spinal Tap, Christopher Guest will, and always will be, to me, Corky St. Clair (Waiting for Guffman).

Lucky for you, I have a little of both lined up today!  Enjoy!!


8 thoughts on “Quick Giggle: Insert Solo Here

  1. Emma Burcart says:

    I have never seen either of those, but that guy is funny. And, oh, those wigs! They are so bad they look like they could get up and walk away on their own. It was nice to see the Queen has some musical talent, too. So funny, Myndi.

  2. TinaSicre says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Myndi, of how much I love Christopher Guest and his multiple projects with Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. After watching Spinal Tap, it’s worthwhile to check out A Mighty Wind – another musical escapade for the comedic team along with others you’ll recognize from Guffman.

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