From Book Four. Enjoy!

It took less than an hour of careful searching. The tooth was there, wedged between two floorboards, like it had been stomped down. She dug at it with her fingers and couldn’t get it out. Using her boot as a place marker, she walked (limping a little from now being unevenly shod) into the kitchen and rummaged through drawers to find a knife to jimmy it out with.

“Girl.” A voice behind her. She whirled, frightened. There was no one there. “Girl.” The voice came again, nasal and thin. “Look here.”

She looked again, but could see nothing. “Where?” Her voice trembled. “Where are you? Who are you?”

“Look at something solid. The wall should suffice.”

Swallowing hard, Aydan looked at the wall. The vague shape of a man—a large man, hooded in crimson robes with outstretched arms—took form on the wall. She gasped. “Who are you?” she repeated.

•••   •••   •••


p.s. Because all salt and pepper shakers should be nightmarishly terrifying.


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