Countdown to SHRILUGH: 1

{ 1 }

One day.

That’s all that’s separating you from SHRILUGH.

Today’s snippet is told from Aydan’s perspective. Aydan’s a girl who’s not really sure who – or what – she is. Can you guess why I chose this bit? Yerp. Because it has the word ‘one’ in it! Now, read!


“And it’s not considered a good thing, is it, when that happens?”

He hesitated again.  “I suppose it depends on your perspective.  Obviously, I have no issue with it.  But to the Sovereign, who considers himself a purist, it will seem disgusting.  To him, it will be a disgrace to my ‘perfect’ family lineage, and to the years of service I gave him.  I would most likely have fallen out of favor with him simply for that.  The added insult that you are his wife’s lover’s daughter,” he smiled ruefully.  “Well, I am certain he will be unforgiving.”  He glanced at her, fingers still grazing the surface of the water.

Aydan met his gaze, but couldn’t smile back.  She’d been so concerned about what would happen if their ruse didn’t work; she’d never stopped to consider what would happen to Rein if it did.  Her mind flashed back to the memory of their trek to the silo Door, when he’d said he’d be the one to pay for her protection.  Was this what he’d meant by that?


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